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Video recording & Live broadcast for everybody's budget

Until now, outside broadcast was reserved to large events who could bring significant ad revenue - simply, they could afford it. This has changed now. Video recording and live (or delayed) broadcast is now affordable to the producers of small events as well, thanks to Event Picture Production, cheaper broadband and the falling cost of production equipment. 

It means that now every live event has the potential to be viewed live on different devices, like TVs, computers, and mobile phones. Event Picture Production is your ticket to the live stream and global exposure. We provide affordable but quality video recording and live (or delayed) stream via Internet, as reliable as the traditional broadcast. Event Picture Production will enable any live event, from a boxing match, company press conference or wedding , to stream live on the Internet.

To learn more about our services please read the description below. To see some of our samples - click here. We look forward to helping you go live online - and say 'hello' to the world. 




Download our latest Event  Price List  - or Wedding & Funeral Price List and select different values in the "required" column to tailor the cost as per your budget (download first and then open in excel to use properly) 

event picture production MMA

event picture production wedding

Weddings & Funerals

  • Wedding / Funeral video 
  • Select service type from our Price List
  • Multi-cam recording
  • Live switching/mixing/editing - optional
  • Pre-produced material & live stream - optional
  • HD footage delivered within 48-72 hrs (if not streaming directly) - optional

NOTE - Modify this service using Wedding & Funeral Price List  (download and then open in excel to use ) 

event picture production music

Free Promo Footage   

  • Free Promo Footage for you
  • Selected events only
  • All copyrights to Event Picture Production
  • 3 cameras coverage minimum
  • 5-10 min. in length - fully edited
  • Your animated logo & Intro
  • Delivered within 48 hrs
  • Call 0439 590 185 to discuss


event picture production sport

Sport & Corporate Events

  • Live or PPV on ETV, FB or Youtube
  • 5 cameras (3 dynamic + 2 static)
  • Live switching / mixing / editing
  • Live commentary, Internal & External broadcast
  • Pre-produced marketing material and artwork
  • Animated logo & Intro
  • HD footage delivered within 48-72 hrs if not streaming

NOTE - Additional camera available at extra cost - Modify this service using our Event  Price List (download and then open in excel to use )