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The Service Booking Calendar ! - Jan 2018

We are very excited to announce a new addition to our business: The Service Booking Calendar - located on our 'Contact Us' page, right next to the Contact Form. 

The Contact Form is still the easiest way to get in touch with us (same as the simple phone call on 0439 590 185), but once we agree about the service to deliver and all details including date and time, you can use our Service Booking Calendar and reserve Event Picture Production work hours - creating a power of the Work Contract (supported by our email/mobile text correspondence)!

NOTE - Your booking will be 'Pending' (not confirmed) until the deposit is paid (using your Paypal account). If you don't have a PayPal account, you still can use PayPal services to pay the deposit by your credit card - just follow up our Booking Calendar Payment form.


UBL Basketball - Grand Final  !!! - Dec  2017

Our latest addition to ETV is an Ultimate Basketball League grand final game between Sydney City Cobras and Parramatta Wildcats. We have recorded with 4 cameras and added commentary to make this game look and feel as a true NBL game.  Check it out - free sample is available on ETV -  here .

Right now we are negotiating with  Parramatta basketball association to broadcast 17 games from season #6 in 2018, including finals. Stay tuned, Event Picture Production is getting serious about local sport promotion and ETV is certainly a great tool to help on the way.

  Event Picture Boxing Video

EPIC  Online TV station fully functional !!! - Nov  2017

After a few months of hard work we are proud to announce that EPIC Online TV station (ETV) is fully functional as Live Stream or PPV (pay per view).  Our local sport and other events finally have a platform to  deliver content to and get public exposure, as never before.  

DO NOT FORGET - You can participate too: Simply deliver pre-recorded video footage (or live stream) to us and offer it as VOD - video on demand or Live event. Local sport, music concerts, workshops/tutorials, weddings or music concerts - we are looking for all sorts of content. Let us know if interested and we will get in touch to explain how . 

Event Picture PPV Video
Event Picture PPV online TV

EPIC PPV TV station - ETV coming soon ! - July  2017

We are very excited to deliver a big news: Event Picture Pay Per View online TV  will commence it's work soon - now matter of weeks !!! Our local sport and other events will finally have a platform to  deliver content to and get public exposure, as never before. Watch LIVE or as VOD (video on demand) with very popular  and affordable ticket prices. 

Local sport, music concerts, workshop/tutorials or weddings - we will be looking for all sorts of content. So,  do it yourself: simply deliver live stream to us  or simply record it and offer as VOD . If not sure how ,  ask EVENT PICTURE PRODUCTION to do it for you.

Francis J Edwards

New CD in preparation by F J Edwards - May  2017

Our old friend an supporter, Mr. Francis J Edwards, well known actor/singer-song writer from Sydney, is completing his new CD, and in line with that, Event Picture Production has produced his new video clip - "When She Was Mine". We have no doubt this is the face of his new album and potentially a  big new hit .

All material has been recorded and edited in our green studio. As always, it was a pure pleasure collaborating with such talented  and well established artist.

Event Picture Production Broadcast desk
Broadcasting equipment

Latest Equipment Update - Mar  2017

We are proud to announce the latest addition to our equipment: Nyrius Pro Wireless HDMI Transmitter x 3. This wireless connection from our cameras to the broadcast desk will  create more safe environment and more freedom to our camera operators resulting in improved picture framing and better coverage.

We are permanently working towards our service improvements and will continue investing in equipment update.

Thriller in Miller - boxing event  


Thriller in Miller II - Final Round Gym - Feb 2017

A beautifully organized boxing review, promotion and a fight night at Liverpool Whitlam Leisure Centre - brought to you by Final Round Gym and captured by Event Picture Production, of course :)

A few segments from this spectacular night are uploaded and available for preview on our home page (sport section)

There will be more soon ....
Sport Training Video
Sport training video captured by EPIC

Hockey - Training Video - Jan 2017

Latest video coming in collaboration with NSW Hockey Association - Training Video for young, talented and upcoming players. The idea is to unify training program and synchronize coaching on national level. This training program has been designed by National Hockey team coach, Warren Birmingham. Part 2 and Part 3 coming up in Feb and then in the middle of 2017.

See an example on our home page / Sport section
Epic video record of an auction
EPIC capture of an Auction

Chad Pashut, Auctioneer - Jan 2017

New real estate video captured by Event Picture Production - successful auction performance delivered by a young, promising and talented auctioneer, Chad Pashut ! We hope to continue with work collaboration through the whole 2017 and further. It was quite pleasure to connect and work with such passionate, results driven professional. We are positive that there will be more motion pictures and fresh ideas coming from this young man . 

EPIC short film video
Event Picture Production short film

"The Shirt" short film - Dec 2016

Event Picture Production has produced a new short film - "The Shirt". The work is done in collaboration with Francis Edwards, an experienced and well established actor on Australian film and TV scenes. This short film has been submitted to Tropfest, world's largest short film festival, this year screening in Parramatta. Starring: Francis Edwards and  Will Gabriel !  More about this project in Feb and Mar 2017 !!!

Boxing tournament live from Miller area (Liverpool)! 

' Final Round' - Deal signed  - Dec 2016

Deal sealed and signed with 'Final Round' boxing club in Liverpool - new boxing tournament to be recorded live on 25th Feb 2017. Another opportunity for Event Picture Production to step up and deliver a great event video. Agreed coverage with 2 dynamic and 2 static cameras - great way to start in 2017, but expect much more to come ... :)

Event Video Broadcast

Top camera job by Event Picture Production in collaboration with SBTN!

Collaboration with SBTN - Nov 2016

On the 11th November 2016, Event Picture Production joined forces with Saigon Broadcast Television Network (SBTN) to celebrate launching of new Matilda News TV channel. A huge event held at Bankstown Sports Club, with direct broadcast to Vietnam arranged by SBTN and happily supported by Event Picture Production. Great experience for EPIC, working on a different level, collaborating with the big guys and confirming our abilities to deliver the top jobs. Stay tuned, the best is still to come ...

Sport Video HD broadcast
Epic at work - live broadcast online and video out to all screens inside venue !

EPIC now Broadcasting LIVE in HD - Oct 2016

Event Picture Production is now able to broadcast live in HD format. We have exceeded Australian standard and moved from 480P broadcasting to live HD format. Great achievement and a huge step up for our company. We are now able to send world wide signal in TV quality - which means we are ready for the top jobs at the highest level - national league in any sport - or a highest level music (or any other) event broadcast.

Stay tuned - we are growing fast and more is to come !!!

Event Picture Production
Video recording and broadcast of AVL game

Australian Volleyball League Broadcast - Oct 2016

Event Picture Production has recorded and broadcast the first game on the top level: Sydney Amazons vs UTSSU. A big day for Sydney Amazons who won the game and a very big day for Event Picture Production as this was our first job on the highest level - AVL (Australian Volleyball League). Netball Center at Sydney Olympic Park hosted the game providing excellent conditions for recording and broadcasting.

Here is the link to see the atmosphere and the first set from Sydney Olympic Park, recorded on 2nd Oct 2016. 

event picture production equipment

 Latest addition to our equipment - Sep 2016

Latest Equipment Update - Sep 2016

We are pleased to announce that we now use two way radio for internal communication between broadcasting desk and camera operators.  New equipment will help to increase live editing standards to a new level and we hope our new communication system will play a pivotal role in this. 

 Also, camera monitors are added to each production camera to improve framing and broadcasting quality. 

Sport Video Recording and Broadcast

St George vs Hills Hornets - basketball broadcast

St George  Bball  Assoc to start broadcasting  - Aug 2016

Another successful basketball season is behind us. St George Basketball Association is about to have a board meeting and decide to open next season with broadcasting options for their State and Youth League teams.  Game coverage and live broadcast should be delivered by Event Picture Production - still unknown what broadcasting platform will be used.


Event Video Volleyball
Event Picture Production is now an exclusive broadcaster of Sydney Amazons volleyball


Endeavour   to sign a deal with  EPIC - Aug 2016

It is time for Volleyball in Sydney to take a well deserved place among other teams who play National League. Congratulations to Endeavour Academy Volleyball Club who will compete in Australian National Volleyball League next season, in men (Sydney Warriors) and women's (Sydney Amazons) AVL.

It is a perfect opportunity to start broadcasting live, with an option to sell the tickets online and recover the cost of recording and broadcasting. More about this next month.