Event Picture Production ("Epic") - previously known as Miles Multimedia Office - will record and broadcast video footage of your event. It makes no difference if it is a game, boxing match, music gig, business conference, school performance or a wedding. We capture video in full HD format and we broadcast live in HD quality)

We record with up to 5 HD cameras, operated by experienced crew, we apply professional artwork giving your broadcast a professional look and feel, as already seen many times on TV - Our service is unobtrusive and professional - our results are immediate: we broadcast live and we give you a HD edited footage right on the end of the event. 

And that is not all !!! We can accommodate a live commentator(s), or MC (if provided). Also, your broadcast may end up on PPV site (pay per view) so you can recover your cost for recording and broadcasting and attract more members / visitors to your event / business / organization ...

Epic is servicing all locations in Sydney and surrounding areas up to Central Coast, Blue Mountains, Illawarra / Shoalhaven region and ACT (We are happy to take a job outside Sydney region, but it may require additional cost). 

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Event Picture Production records with up to 5 HD video cameras and delivers instantly with surprisingly affordable prices. We broadcast in HD format. Our services are break through in cost, making high quality recording / broadcasting of the local events affordable for everybody.


Event Picture Production supports local sport - no matter if your club or association is competing on a high level or not, our services are tailored for everybody, for all ages and for all types of sport. Read more on our Services page.


Promote your music all around the world with high quality video clips recorded at any location suitable or use our Green Screen Studio. We will also help in audio production as much as in picture delivery. Call 0439 590 185 for more details - See different service packages on our Services page.


Record and broadcast your Video User Guide online to provide instant support to your customers around the world - or just broadcast your business conference, your business announcements or important interviews . More on our Services page.


Your most important memories, the greatest moments of love - why not share it with your relatives and friends all around the world - broadcasting your wedding video instantly or 24 hrs later. Read more on our Services page.


Event Picture Production opened its doors back in 2008, as Miles Multimedia Office. Since that time, multimedia has changed a lot but our commitment to our customers has remained the same. We know the value of treating customers right, and especially the importance of the quality video message and quick delivery.

Our business name has changed since the 1st Aug 2016, when our new website was published as well. Online video is now the ultimate way to send a message out, all over the world to show your products, to promote your game or your music or just to communicate . Event Picture Production makes all that possible - and affordable to everybody. 

Our prices are extremely low - but rest assured, the recording and broadcasting quality is extremely high. We deliver instantly or within 24/72 hours - depends on the type of the service you select - Read more on our Services page

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